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But last night, the motorcyclist that I saw probably took the center stage of the morons on the road. I was driving on the slower lane of the highway when this idiot cut in from the left without any indicators whatsoever and I immediately saw that his back lights were not working and he had a dark jacket on. So much so of presenting himself to be more visible on the road. As I tailing him from the back and getting ready to over take him, I noticed something rather disturbing. Obviously keeping his bike in top shape was the last thing in his must do list.

He was still cutting in and out of the lanes. I just wonder how stupid some people can be when it comes to them using their vehicles. I have also decided not to do my weekly washing of the car. And even the last time I did it, I used the least water possible — I just wet the towel and cleaned the layer of the dust on the car body. I wonder if things get from bad to worse, will the Government ban these road side car wash centers? They do use plenty of the treated water for the car wash — water that can be used for drinking.

I just wonder about it. Remember when I said that Symbian is finally dead? Now as she is familiar with ins and outs of using a smartphone, she want to move on with Phase 2 of using a smartphone. If budget forbids, we might be shopping for the replacement phone soon. Yes, it will be another Android 4. That is if we have leftovers after we have spent on the kitchen cabinet. There is of course the issue of budget and sticking to them even though there will be plenty of temptations to add things here and there.

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Hopefully we can get this done in the next months. Anwar Ibrahim have been found guilty of sodomy and be rest assured that it will change the landscape of the politics in this country. But who knows, on the other hand, it could be a blessing in disguise — BN have been using Anwar as an excuse to demonize Pakatan and with Anwar out of the picture either in prison for the next 5 years or busy with his appeals , BN will less things to demonize them.

Further with Anwar not in the running for the MB seat, Khalid will be able to be in a stronger position to hold on to his MB seat and keep up his good work. His work and lack of corruption in his administration has been a plus factor in the voters electing Pakatan to run the state again. Anodised aluminium monocoque case — that is what grabs you when you see a N8 for the first time. It then occurred to me that the age of smartphone is already here and somehow I had missed catching the boat.

So, back in January , I went back and finally got myself a smartphone. After all, back then Nokia was one of the biggest and well-known phone makers out there. Unfortunately despite it coming with a rather impressive set of specifications , something was missing. It took almost 1.

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The only let-down of N8 when it comes with comparing with other smartphones out there was on the hardware. N8 had very little RAM, not-so-impressive processing power and a rather bulky design although it fought back hard and they won hands down with the very best, fully downloadable Ovi Maps, anodised aluminium monocoque case, Gorilla Glass, AMOLED screen and 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens still remains one of the best cameras in the Nokia line-up — the other is the 41 mega pixel PureView on the But it was still lacking when it comes to apps — not that I am complaining much on that I rarely download anything else but games and I do have a good selection of games that would keep me engaged for hours and without draining the battery drastically.

I have dropped the phone a couple of times but it is still working. In the last 2. I have myself to blame for that — as it only happened after a long and heavy usage of the phone on games.

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So, other than that, it was good enough for call, SMSes, navigation, emails, internet surfing and yes, games. It was ageing too and too complicated for quick updates — Symbian turned 16 years old this year but it has not moved that far with innovations. Read here on the interesting story on Symbian and why it died.

Smartphones these days handles more than just making calls and sending SMSes -we use it to watch videos, listen to music, take photos and videos, surf the net, GPS navigation, check emails, play games and use it as a mobile knowledge tool. Thus it need to have a strong robust hardware and a long lasting battery. And she also wanted to move on to the smartphone landscape since all her other siblings are using smartphones as well.

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So, one night she popped the question — when I am going to change my phone? And lately as her old phone problem started to get worse and my kids wanting mobile entertainment, games and music and me always being on the move, it was time for me to look for a new phone — one that does not run on the soon to be dead Symbian. So I turn and weighed my options and I started with getting the right OS for my next phone. Like my older N8, it came with solid hardware but at end of the day, the OS was stagnant. I turned down Windows Phone 8 from my list outright — firstly it was still new and I am not sure if Nokia or Microsoft will change their directions again in the coming months.

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It is also claimed to be weak. And that leaves me with Android and there is a couple of choice of models with various specification and prices to choose from. So, I decided to list down some specifications and then match them with what the market has to offer. This is what I had in mind — it must run at least the latest Jelly Bean 4. I also do not want to spend too much money on the phone — as technology moves along, the price will come down.

So why spend too much on something when there are cheaper alternatives or prices will come down soon. Sony Xperia SP is well made, looks beautiful and punch with strong hardware and runs on the popular Android Jelly Bean 4.

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It is also claimed to be one of the best mid-price smartphones money can buy. The official selling price is RM1, but some dealers are selling it for RM1, probably after the smartphone rebate of RM It is not the end of Symbian though. Symbian somehow lives on if you consider the phone range in the family but for me at least, it is finally dead. It is time for Android and what it can do or rather what I am going to do with it in the coming months.

Sorry for missing on a post last week but something more urgent came up and derailed the whole plan for the week. Water was leaking into the master bedroom and things were getting from bad to worse. This was bad, very bad indeed — the water was leaking into the room and we had to keep replacing the cloth on the floor as it was getting very wet within minutes. But that was the lesser of our concern — we were more worried on the damage on areas that we could not see and whether there were other leaks that we could not detect.

The last thing we need now is a large crack on the wall. Having water leakages in the house was nothing new since we moved in many years ago. And even we have that, it will quickly dry up in minutes.

This time it seems different. It actually started a week ago when we noted a small patch wet area on the master bedroom ceiling but since it had just rained and it was rather heavy, we thought that it will go away like it did in the past. It did not and that small patch got larger. And one day, when I got back home late and getting ready to take my shower, something large and dark caught my sight.

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Water was flowing from the ceiling and along the wall and to the floor. And worse thing is, it did not rain for past few days, so it was clear that the leak was not from rain water. But it was too late to do anything about it then. I came home earlier the next day and decided to climb up the roof where the house water tank was located to check whether there was anything leaking there.

It was no easy to climb up to the roof but the good thing was I had the expandable steel ladder which was long enough to reach the place losing some body weight recently made the climb a lot easier. Asking my wife to hold one end of the ladder and be ready to call the ambulance in case I fall , I started to climb.

The ladder shook a bit but it held my weight well until I reached the place where the water tank is located and what I saw shocked me. There were plenty of water dripping from the base of the water tank and making the floor very wet. I did not see any where this water was leaking into my room but some how I knew that the leak in my room and the water dripping from the water tank was somehow connected. We had to stop the water drips from the water tank first for 2 reasons — one was obvious, to stop the leak in the room and two, to stop the unnecessary high water bill due to the water drips I must have lost a good number of pails of water due to this leakage.

I usually do and done most of the smaller repairs in the house but repairing the large house water tank was not something that I had the skill or experience. We need to call a professional plumber and we need to set aside some money for the repairs especially if the damage was bad and we had to change the whole tank. Swf file, means no need to install, just unzip and run it.

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This application turns your phone into a virtual mosquito repellent. Spray mosquito repellent on you and play a trick on your friends with this funny little application. Explain that this application produces high frequency sound beyond what humans can perceive and that no mosquito or bug will ever touch you after activating the sound and see their face of envy. This app is free to use.

Supported Devices: Symbian S60V5: You can download this game from Nokia store. Franklin Manuel is a professional blogger, web designer and front end web developer. Issued by the mobile phone ultrasonic sound source will allow the mosquito to give up food and water, and move away from the shelter premises. This loud pressure of ultrasonic away from human ears of feeling range, for human including baby pregnant women and the family pet as cat, and dog, and fish, and bird and the farm feeding of animal, does not caused any of hurt, also does not interference TV, and radio, and electronic anti-theft system, and fire and investigation smoke type alert system, and heart rhythm regulator, and hearing aids and other of electronic system,, also does not hurt plant and the crop.

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