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Today we are happy to release an important update for these users: Opera Mini 4. The most important fix is probably solving login issues with OperaLink.

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Samsung users should also find some updates and fixes in the user interface. Discover a new experience in your BlackBerry with this incredible theme made with a beautiful hi tech design and great features.

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The homescreen features customizable icons according to the menu order. Sleek and straightforward, SubText is a great and simple BlackBerry theme. All of your homescreen icons are transformed into text and are super easy to navigate. SubText also allows you to choose between four colours for your homescreen sidebar. Blackberry windows 7 themes why not stepping away from the classic blackberry iconset and look?

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Install this blackberry windows 7 theme on your device! Blackberry Space themes 4. This theme can be installed on every blackberry running on blackberry OS 4. Blackberry HBC44 Clock only theme this blackberry by themes makes use of a hidden blackberry banner and only a visible blackberry clock. Blackberry Blue Light theme the blue light blackberry theme makes your blackberry look as if you are watching a CIA world map on your background.


Blackberry Blue Globe theme A perfectly matching blue globe on the background combined with a blue Blackberry OS 6 style iconset give your blackberry curve a completely new look. Blackberry Playboy theme the world famous pink playboy bunny as a logo in the background of your blackberry Blackberry codex theme enhance your blackberry vision, the codex blackberry theme gives your device a new look with its grey and pink colors.

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Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Windows Mobile Smartphone. Freeware Downloads: The theme is wallpaper friendly so you can use it with your favorite picture. Compatible with: All the BlackBerry Series using O. Like it?

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Share with your friends! Supported operating systems: Similar Software: If the resolution seems incorrect for your device seeing tiled backgrounds etc , please make sure you haven't restored from a previous backup, as non OS7 backups are not compatible with OS7. It has OS 7 icons and OS 6 meters implemented in the theme.