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Its light, well made for plastic and the buttons are nice and 'clicky'. I have one gripe so far with this device It would also be nice to have more programmable IR buttons like the cheaper devices out there that usually have 5. This one has 1.

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Other than that it suits my needs perfectly Air mouse, 2. I am generic remote free. Well recommended. I love it! So small but very handy. Working great with my android box. Only 10 left in stock. Well made and good value for money. So much more convenient than scrolling back and forth with the old remote.

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Remote Control, LinStar Multifunctional 2. The design of this remote is very pretty. I like it very much. Every day we use this remote to watch TV with tv box. It is worth to recommende. Air Mouse 2. The challenge with that device is that it takes up almost as much space as a full-size keyboard.

For many people, they want something smaller. Perhaps I just got a faulty one but the mouse just drifts to the right, making it quite difficult to click on anything. Speaking about apps have you ever tried agile remote? Do you know any? I broke the mice down in to different categories, and listed my top in each one. I use the Mele more, just because it fits my hand better. I read that the Mele F10 deluxe does not work with Windows Also i read that the d-pad does not function with devices other than a mele box etc.

Could you please confirm this. I want to purchase this remote, but these are deal breakers for me. I just want a better voice remote for FireTV stick gen 2… or to find a diff remote that works with the Echo other than the one type of Amazon Echo-specific one…. The power button will turn on a TV Box if your unit is one that responds to powering on this way. Most Android TV boxes can only be powered on via the mains and the power button will wake up or put a box into standby mode sleep.

You choose. I do have a Riitek i It is more oriented for people with a larger number of IR devices. It has 2 sides one fully IR, where up to 8 devices can program all the keys, e. For android boxes obviously it is a little bit limited, as the dpad comes by IR, other wise there is a DPAD on the keyboard side, but it is not the same.

I have a MX 3 remote which works great except cursor does not stop at any one place. It moves all over the screen. Very difficult to control. Anyone know how to fix this issue? Thank you very much for the comprehensive round-up. Its been very helpful as it has let me narrow the field as to what to choose for my HTPC remote currently most enamoured with the Mele F It seems on face value, really appealing, but since your write up is so in depth, and you really seem to know what you are talking about, i wanted to run this past you and see what you think.

Hi GV. By non-clicky, do you mean loud clicks, or completely silent? Yes, I would like it to be as silent as possible. I have used the MX3 and clicks are loud.

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How would you compare the clicking sound of the MX3 to the A2, F10, or any other recommendation. Hopefully there will be a proper fix for this sometime soon. I prefer to use these remote for gaming for my kids with good cursor movement and built quality. Any suggestion from your side will be much appreciated. Sorry for the bad English. Thank you. Hi Lucky. Thanks for your question. All will work with the Ugoos UT3S.

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You could get into some challenges within Kodi, but I went into those details in the article. The ProBox2 remote will work with any Android TV box, and it might be better for gaming — especially for kids. The remote is smaller and easier to hold. Once thanks. My family actually prefers a non air mouse remote. Many of the remotes I have tried have an option or button to turn off or disable the airmouse pointer on screen but they seem to turn the mouse on by default once it is picked up.

Can you recommend a good Kodi remote that has the ability to permanently disable air mouse support? The apps are designed to be used with their remote or by voice command.

Android TV Box with Air Mouse Remote

I really like this article, my preference would always be an air mouse for media center control. The gyration air mouse elite is my personal favorite. It has a great look and feel, its familiar, and it has free phone support if you run into trouble. Check it out.

Best air mouse for Kodi and Android TV Box

I wish the batteries on the Air Mouse Elite and Pro didnt die charge-wise and overall so fast. I love my phaser styled Pro. Hey, does the mele f10 deluxe works with the new probox2 air android 6. Hi Tal. It will. I own the MX pro II android, and my mouse has disintegrated, and I am struggling to find a replacement, can you suggest where I can get one please.

I did write to one seller on Amazon who sells a couple of different replacement remotes, but they they did not sell the model that would control my android, help please. BTW I do enjoy getting your newsletters, so little info available for Androids of any description here in Philippines. Is there an air mouse with gyroscope with a keyboard and a back-light available that might also charge via USB? Do these work or come with a Bluetooth 4. Also I have a PS3 Bluetooth controller I would like to use as well, will the Bluetooth dongle that comes with one of these remotes allow me to connect the PS3 controller via Bluetooth?

Hi Derrick. These will all have a wi-fi dongle that comes with them. Hi Tim.

My eyes are getting up there with yours, Kelly. The only backlit keyboard on this list is the Logitech K Thanks for your response! I know my Rii worked on the Xbox and Xbox One, just never use an F10 Deluxe in an Xbox One or youll error out and have to format the xbox and start over.

Hi Kazik.

Many air-mice cannot switch on devices from a powered-off state. One workaround that may help: If you put the device to sleep, some remotes may be able to wake up the box.

Android TV Remote (Free)

Did you ever use it with non-Probox Android devices? It is a very good air mouse, remote control and keyboard. It is struggling to use keys combined with the fn key as they are small and they are marked in dark blue color and you cannot read them unless you have the remote under a source of light. I prefer a simple remote with few buttons- Play, fast forward and rewind buttons.

Which remote will you recommend? Does anyone has it? I dont know how to use the microphone….. Please help. Commander approved, great scroll pad. Tried the ipazzport, very funny! Slide 4 of Peel Smart Remote Free Free download.

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